Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

Short answer: Yes.

Thirty years ago when the Internet was still in its infancy and primarily used to enable communications between educational facilities in the United States, it was probably hard to imagine how it would develop in to what it is today.

Today the Internet plays a vital part in most of our lives from Internet banking to online shopping, passport applications to TV license renewals and more and more services are being made available online. Personal details such as passwords, credit card numbers, dates of birth and other Personally Identifiable Information is transmitted around a network that was never designed with that use case in mind.

It wasn’t until over ten years after the advent of the Internet that the first SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol was invented to secure communications and prevent “eavesdroppers” from listening in or “sniffing” network traffic to obtain sensitive information. Today SSL and its successor TLS (Transport Security Layer) is vital for encrypting and securing the Internet and establishing trust to ensure the website you think you are communicating with is actually the website you are communicating with.

Most people will be aware that when they login to a website or shop and bank online, they do so over a secure connection indicated by a padlock icon and perhaps even a green address bar. 

But times have changed.

Security of all and any data transmitted over the public Internet is very much in the spotlight and website owners are being encouraged to secure all communication to and from their website. Did you know that Google now ranks websites higher if they are secured with an SSL certificate? That alone is a good enough reason to purchase one.

ib3 can advise on the best certificate for your website and manage the purchase and installation process for you. Whether it be a free certificate, single domain, multi-SAN, Wildcard or Extended Verification (EV) certificate, we have you and your websites covered.