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Keeping You Up and Running

No matter how hard we all might try, sometimes, things go wrong. But this doesn’t necessarily mean disaster if preventative measures and plans are in place. Having solutions in place for detection, redundancy, disaster recovery and support are key.

Here are just some of the things that we do behind the scenes to ensure your website or application stays online:

Centralised Error Reporting

If your project encounters a problem, we know about it. Immediately.

Let’s say, in a totally hypothetical scenario, Russian hackers attack key parts of the internet infrastructure and take down Twitter and Facebook. Imagine also that your website connects to various social networks to grab recent entries to display on some of your pages. With third party services outside of our control and your website trying to talk to them, well, you can see where a problem might arise. In a recent case (which has an uncanny resemblance to our hypothetical one) our reporting systems quickly alerted us to potential issues that we might otherwise have been unaware of. Armed with this information, we were able to improve the way in which we connect to third party services and mitigate the immediate problems and any future disruption for our clients.

Your customer clicked a link and got an error page? We already know and are looking at exactly what happened and why and are likely already implementing a fix.

Our centralised dashboard is accessible to all of our developers, with each project having its own dedicated area where we can easily isolate anything outstanding, assign, resolve and report on issues.

Backed by Rackspace, 24×7

Your project won’t be sitting on a dusty server under Steve’s desk.

All of our websites and applications are hosted by Rackspace UK and are guaranteed with pretty serious SLAs. Their fancy data centers sport banks of servers, redundant arrays of hard drives and a guaranteed 100% up-time for networking, power and air-con.

While we snooze during the wee hours dreaming about your next project, the Rackspace techs (the “Rackers”) are on hand to jump to the rescue should an issue arise with the infrastructure or the software running on it. Not just when we’re out of the office either, they are on hand all day, every day. Sometimes we call them on Christmas Day just to make sure they’re not fibbing.

All this means we can focus on innovative solutions for your project and let Rackspace manage the infrastructure behind it.

Cloud Based

Your project is hosted in The Cloud. Look up, can you see it?

As your project grows, we can dynamically scale up your hosting solution to fit. Need more memory? It’s a click of a button. Add an extra cluster of servers in Chicago to cope with the demand, a secondary fail-over database in Hong Kong, a sprinkle of Load Balancers in Sydney, perhaps? Maybe you don’t need all that quite just yet, but with the Cloud comes great flexibility and we’re ready for when you do.

Frequent Backups

Lovely, frequent, Cloud Based, offsite, encrypted backups, to be precise.

Accidents happen. Who hasn’t logged in to their Content Management Systems and accidentally deleted everything on a Friday afternoon? Our backup systems ensure your data is safe: databases, website files, uploads, content, photos of your cat, it’s all there waiting to be restored should the worst happen.

We’re Looking Out for You

A problem shared is a problem doubled.

We’re always looking out for your best interests, in most cases even after office hours; whether that be by dedicated employees with no home life or an eager Racker the other side of the pond. We’re only ever a phone call or email away too, should you wish to discuss any issues with us. We’re a friendly bunch really.

Sound like something your next project should be a part of? Talk to us today and see how we can help.