The balancing act- Print, digital, social, video…the list goes on

How do you even begin spreading your brand message? In a previous blog about how to create successful campaigns, I looked at some of the basics of how to start spreading the word. In this piece, I’m going to look at what marketing channels are available and how they fit into a well-balanced marketing strategy.

Print is dead, long live the Social Media King

What a load of rubbish! Yes, social media is a wonderful platform to hit millions of people, gain instant feedback and have great conversations, but print is still an integral part of any marketing strategy. From the humble business card to huge roadside billboards, print is still extremely relevant. 15 years ago, I was excited about receiving an email, now you can’t move for SPAM or badly designed and constructed marketing emails. But when some quality, well designed literature hits my desk, I open it with intrigue. It’s even better once it’s been personalised! How many times have you met someone at a networking event, in a meeting or an industry event and they give you a business card? A flimsy, drab piece of floppy card from the 1970’s? First impressions, not good! The business card is an extension of your marketing strategy, give it the attention that it needs.

Journals and magazines are another brilliant way of spreading your message. Of course, finding the right publication is key, but you’re hitting your target audience at a time when they’re interested in your product or service. A well designed, creative print advert in the right publication at the right time. Winner!

Digital. e-this, e-that, e-by-gum, Tweets, Posts, Blogs, Vlogs, Clogs (wooden shoes)

Digital is a huge area and delivers massive opportunity once you overcome the challenges you will face. Websites, web-banners, PPC, mobile, social media, e-mail and the list goes on, but let’s not bore ourselves with listing every element. There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies who work in digital marketing, so how do you know what is right thing to do? Well here is our advice.

Carefully dug foundations

The website. Think of your website as your deeply dug foundations that the rest of your marketing strategy rests upon. The website shouldn’t just be an expensive, online brochure. It should serve a purpose. What do you want people to do when they are on there? Buy something? Download information? Sign up to a newsletter? I understand that budgets differ greatly and that many won’t have and endless supply of money. Your website should be fit for purpose. As I mentioned about business cards early, the first click on the website is many people’s first impression of your business. Get it right!

Traffic is good online, but not when you’re stuck on the M6

You’re really happy with your website. It’s brilliant, you’ve never seen anything like it. But no one has visited it. Oh, right. You need start creating some traffic. This is when the likes of SEO, PPC, re-marketing, web banners and e-mail marketing come in to play. SEO; get your content right. PPC; understand how your target audience find you. Re-marketing; make sure visitors don’t forget you. Web banners; stand out from your competition on third part sites. E-mail; whatever you do, do not SPAM, add value. Easy? No, not at all. This is where you must stack the odds in your favour. If you do not understand how to drive traffic to your website, get someone who can. Bring in the experts. Don’t rush into choosing your agency. There are plenty out there and ensure that they understand your needs and can deliver on their promises!

Attempting to kill the Radio Star

Video is of course an area with a hug amount of focus. VLOGs and channels such as YouTube are a fantastic way of getting a message across to your audience. Rather than reading through a blog like this, you can be visually entertained through engaging content. Make it different, give it personality and showcase your brand. Now not all content may be suitable for a video as it may be too technical or may just flow better when read, but why not give it a go? Just make sure that what you produce adds value. You want your viewer to finish the video with an appetite to view another or engage with you. If you don’t and you waste 3 minutes of someone’s time, it will be very hard to get them back.

Hashtag YOLO

Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram. Everybody is on them, well most people! Conversations, feedback, sharing, introducing connections etc. Social media is a great tool to increase engagement with your brand. Being active, creating unique content and sharing advice leads to conversations starting and noise creation around your business. For more information on Social Media, take a look at one of our previous blogs for more insight.

There are a lot of options out there. Many will be successful for you, many not. But to get it right the first time, use an agency with experience to guide and advise you through the process. Multichannel agencies such as ib3 know which channels to use and when to use them. Through a process of carefully understanding your needs, researching the market place and gaining insight into your consumers we will provide the advice that you need to achieve balance in your strategy. Get in touch for more details.


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