Good Teams Survive. Great Teams Thrive.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Ant Middleton for the inspiration to write this blog. For anyone who doesn’t know who Ant is, he is the ex-SAS soldier who is now on TV doing fantastic programs such as SAS Who dares wins, Escape and Mutiny.

Last week I attended an event and Ant spoke about team work, the power of the individual and how it influences the results of a team, go and see him when you get the chance! Anyway, this got me thinking about our own team at ib3 and how we operate as a unit but also, more importantly, how we integrate within other teams.

Our Strength is Our Dynamism

We are not a ‘jack-of-all trades’ kind of agency, we specialise in three areas; design and brand creative, technical development and campaign generation. Now, these areas are very diverse and we see this as a fantastic strength. We have three specialist teams, with three specialist skill sets but we don’t work in silos. We learn from each other, we develop new thinking, we constantly evolve to ensure that we are dynamic and contemporary. Does this happen with in your business? If not, can it? We pride ourselves on having very strong, specialist individuals. The sum of this team is far greater than the individual parts. That’s because we have a very inquisitive and supportive business culture.

Three Specialisms, One Team

We are not just a PPC agency, or a web development agency or a design agency, we encompass all of this, but with no loss of quality, experience or expertise. How do we do this? Simple, by having the best, highly motivated, empowered team members who don’t settle for anything less than the outstanding. The benefit of having such strong, influential colleagues is that the pace of learning and the resource available to us is superior. A result of this is the ability to think ‘outside the box’. There are no stupid questions at ib3. We promote and inquisitive nature in our team, if you don’t ask, how will you ever know the answer? What we love is web developers asking graphic designers for advice. PPC managers running ideas past web designers. That’s how we improve.


The above culture of learning, challenging and adaption is not only integral to our team, but also to how we work with our clients. Integration with our clients is vital, it’s the most important part of what we do. We are, in some ways, an extension of their own marketing team and as such we are a member of that team. This leads me on to the point…finally!

Choose Your Agency As If You’re Choosing A New Team Member

When you’re looking for an agency, it’s quite difficult I suppose. Who offers the best service? Who has the most initiative? Which agency has the greatest impact? etc. But for us, one of the most important factors to consider, is can the agency slot into your business and add value? Will they push and promote your team in the right direction? This separates great agencies from good agencies.

To summarise, we are firm believers in the power of our team. A team with very differing expertise, that come together to be simply outstanding!

Thanks for reading.


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