Complementing Our Services With Progressive PR

Following a successful 2017 and beginning 2018 with our refreshed strategy, it’s with great excitement that we are offering a truly well rounded PR service!

For nearly twenty years now, we have been producing fantastically creative campaigns for our clients. From new product launches to re-brands, we have been involved in some wonderful projects. So what’s changed? Well, at the start of 2017 we reviewed our services and saw a gap. We believed that the finer detail involved in PR was missing. As a result,we put a plan in place to close that gap! Developing our skills and bringing on board some very talented professionals has enabled us to deliver an even better solution to our existing clients as well as bringing some new ones on in the process!

Why PR?

The additional services that we now provide complement our pre-existing offering. Not only can we design fantastic graphics, build bespoke websites and manage media, we now have the expert skill sets to be fully responsive to any demands from our clients for marketing campaigns. So, last year was a year of developing and honing our services. Our strategy for 2018 is all about the integration of these services. The two new major services that are aimed at complementing our work are social media management and content management.

Social Media Management

You may hate it, but it works! Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…the list goes on. 2017 firmly cemented our position in social media management. Working with several clients on their social media offering, we now are well equipped to deliver results whatever the scale and objectives that you may have. Therefore, our ongoing strategy is to ensure that all opportunities are maximised through the effective use of social media with our clients. Pairing this alongside our existing PPC, media management and digital offerings enables our campaigns to be truly multi-channel.

Content, Content, Content

It’s not easy coming up with great content all of the time. In fact it’s pretty tough! Whether it’s a news article, a piece for the trade press or a product catalogue, words are not always easy to get right. Hence the reason for our focus on fantastic copy writing. The addition of Rebecca to our team last year, we have the skills and resource to create top quality content for our clients. Recently, the successful completion of two projects with a highly rated international law firm has continued the momentum of our content creation service.

What Does Our Campaign Solution Look Like?

With the addition of the PR services – content creation and social media management – we believe that we are perfectly placed to deliver our campaign management solution to our clients.

  • Social Media Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Content Creation
  • PPC
  • Media Managment
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Landing Page Creation
  • Negotiation of Print and Digital Space

If you’re looking to kick start a campaign and reach a targeted audience, the improved campaign management solution at ib3 really delivers at every stage.

Thanks for reading.


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