Pay Per Click

PPC with ib3

ib3 is known for its development of industry leading websites. It should be no surprise then, to learn that we are also a Google PPC Partner. Technical skills are inbuilt into our structure and this provides a rare combination of digital expertise.

Why PPC?

Generating traffic to your website is vital for your business and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can generate traffic immediately.

PPC advertising can be an important part of your digital marketing mix. With a good PPC campaign you can effectively manage budgets, specifically target customers and drive quality traffic to your website.

Great, so what’s the catch? To get it right you need to know what you’re doing, have the time to do it and trust in the expertise and experience of the people who are doing it for you.

Don’t fall short, use the best.

Why ib3?

It’s easy really: set a budget, think of a few keywords, get top position and customers will visit your site.

Or is it quite so easy?

ib3 is a Google partner. We adhere to industry standards but we also attend regular training events and that means you get outstanding account performance for your budget.

Our expertise delivers results that make us a marketing partner you can trust.

What do ib3 offer?

Our PPC Management Service
Set Strategy to understand your business and competitors, and set objectives
Monthly Budgets
Keyword Research
Adcopy writing
Ad Extensions
Set Goals and Conversions
Landing page consultation
Regular Reporting

In everything we do, we aim to be seen, be heard and be outstanding. If you feel now is the time to learn how PPC advertising can become part of your digital marketing strategy, lets gets together.



If all that isn’t enough we will match your first months advertising
spend up to £100

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