Pay Per Click

We let results speak for themselves, through increased lead generation, improved brand awareness and greater brand recognition.

Successful campaigns across the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA have delivered high returns for businesses.

Don’t accept anything less than outstanding.

Why PPC is important for your business?

Pay Per Click is one of the best and most effective platforms for driving website traffic.

PPC advertising should be an important part of your digital marketing mix. A good PPC campaign will drive quality traffic to your website. These are customers who are going to buy your products.

Great, so what’s the catch? To get it right you need to know what you’re doing, have the time to do it and trust in the expertise and experience of the people who are doing it for you.

Not all PPC agencies are the same.

Why ib3?

As a Google Certified PPC Partner we have all the tools we need.

We also have creativity, imagination, ingenuity and flair that you cannot find anywhere else.

Our digital team is constructed of creative copy writers, digital experts and analytics specialists.

Product research, trends, innovations and the odd bit of magic makes our team, your team.

Our expertise delivers results that make us a PPC partner you can trust.

What do ib3 offer?

No guesswork. We create unique strategy that is only right for you.

Research that brings you the most effective and relevant keywords.

Ad Copywriting
Copy written to engage, influence, interest and excite by experts.

Ad Extensions
Extra information telling more about you and your products.

Regular campaign reports showing detail results.

All inclusive flat management, that is easy to budget for.


If you feel now is the time to learn how PPC advertising can become part of your digital marketing strategy, let’s get together. We will even offer you a free PPC review.

Let us show you how PPC can really make a difference.